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At HM Defense, our mission is to advance AR15 / AR10 rifle technology to its highest level. We strive to create rifles that are more accurate, easier to maintain and dependable in extreme conditions.

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What people are saying about HM

 “I have had an opportunity to fire the HM-10 rifle multiple times over the past several months. The rifles over all fit and quality are simply outstanding. For a 308/7.62 the rifle was light and well balanced at 8 lbs 14 oz.
The weapon produced consistent half minute of angle groups with a variety of factory ammo. The accuracy is equivalent to many more expensive tactical bolt rifles i have fired over the years. With hand loads I am confident lower minute of angle accuracy would be possible.
HM Defense's Monobloc system reduced the felt recoil to the equivalent of a 243 win. This allowed me to stay in the scope, without loosing the target and aided in rapid follow up shots.
The rifle is a joy to shoot and represents a great value for a precision tactical rifle.

            Stephen Morgan

           Vortex Optics

           Military/LE Business Development Manager


Patented Technologies


“ Having Served as a Navy Seal for ten years, I have shot many weapons platforms. After I was introduced to HM Defense, I purchased 15 Defender Monobloc rifles for our security company. By far one of the nicest shooting platforms I have fired. Their Monobloc barrel insures no malfunctions from gas block issues, but also gives the barrel a truer whip along with better heat dissipation. My personal rifle is the HM Defense Avenger M308, It never disappoints!!  “

                                                                       M. Myers






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