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Advancing Military Rifle Technology


All LE / Military Inquires please call the factory at 937-444-6500

HM Defense & Technology is Division of Luxus Arms LLC,


DUNS NUMBER 079229145


Member of National Armaments Consortium


Military and Law Enforcement

In a volatile global environment, Military and Law Enforcement professionals need cutting-edge and reliable technology to stay ahead of the ever present threats they face. HM Defense & Technology is a defense company, dedicated to supporting and supplying Military and Law Enforcement with the latest weaponry innovations and  technology available.


HM Defense develops  innovative weapon technology for Special Forces, US, NATO and Allied countries.


HM is developing SBR and Machine Gun platforms for Military and Law Enforcement use. All Weapon technologies for Military and  LE will employ the newly advanced HM  Monobloc barrel systems along with other advancements.


Military or LE inquires should be sent to  HM Defense & Technology at




















Proudly Made in Ohio, USA