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“Over the summer I had an opportunity to test HM Defenses new RaiderM5 12.5" Monobloc upper. I was astonished by the lack of recoil and ease of staying on target both timed fire and rapid fire. This SBR/ Pistol upper simply did not move.
I have run a number of factory brands of ammo through the upper without any failures. Accuracy was 3/4" or less at 100 yds, which is very strong for a SBR/Pistol. The Monobloc Free floated system provides improved barrel harmonics over traditional designs. It is the first truly free floated barrel I have seen on any AR platform.
I also fired the upper with a SilencerCo Saker 556 suppressor. There was absolutely no gas blow back and the upper ran flawlessly. The Monobloc did not require any gas regulation to operate with a suppressor.
This is a super SBR/Pistol Upper.” 
Stephen Morgan, Vortex Optics -  Military/LE Business Development Manager

RAIDERM5 Pistol Brochure Shockwave